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The 2010 BBQ-Shag Festival date is April 22-24.


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Grier Supply


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Eaddy Brothers

  Hemingway is a relaxed southern town with a heritage of cotton and tobacco farming.  It's known for winning teams. Tupperware is a leader in industry in South Carolina and is known world-wide for its products. Global distribution headquarters are located here. Some agricultural-based industries in the area are House of Raeford (poultry products), W. B. Roddenberry (pickle cucumbers), Hemingway Locker Plant (meat processing), and various cotton gins.

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Stuckey Brothers
Parts Company

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Hemingway is football country -
And the Tigers are roaring!

But the Fox defense foils Tigers dreams: 
For the first time this season, the Tigers never made it into the end zone - and that cost them. It was a very hard fought game, ending 6-4. 

Well, there's always basketball - and the Tigers have several state championships to their credit.

If at first you don't succeed...
Tigers are State Champs!

Kudzu Known as "the vine that ate the South," kudzu is very much present in Hemingway. The vine is not all bad, however.  It is very pretty, it feeds our pollinators in late summer when there is not much feed available for them, and it has quite a few uses. It can be used as a food, for medicinal purposes, or for basket weaving.
The Amazing Story of Kudzu

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Shark's Teeth
Found at Indiantown approximately 10 feet below ground,
in dug material from a pond, position thought to be at the surface

of the Black Mingo formation, or possibly the Pee Dee formation.

The "Good Ole Days" weren't...

Gone are the days of blisters and sore backs from picking cotton. The cotton harvest  in South Carolina is the "New Fashioned" way...with a cotton picker that doesn't have aches and pains.

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Hemingway's annual BBQ-Shag Festival: Held in April each year, it features the barbecue cookoff, shagging (the state dance), local foods, crafts, carnival rides and much more. Thousands come from the eastern United States for some mighty good eating, music, dance, and games. If you haven't been to a southern "pig pickin'," y'all don't know barbeque. 

For more information call the Hemingway Town Hall, 843-558-2824

2000 BBQ Shag Festival Photos
2002 BBQ-Shag Festival Photos

The 2010 BBQ-Shag Festival date is April 22-24.

For more information see The New South Carolina BBQ Home Page

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County Line Rodeo is held twice a year at the County Line Arena, just 8 miles south of town.  For info call Gerald Pope: 558-7320

   Things are popping at Caring and Sharing, a local group that helps Seniors on fixed incomes, and other folks in emergency situations. See what's happening lately. It's a great place to volunteer!

beexing.JPG (67051 bytes)    It is little known that the Hemingway area is also the honeybee capital of South Carolina. From Hemingway and the Pee Dee area, a number of  beekeepers supply honeybees for pollination of millions of dollars worth of watermelons, cucumbers, cantaloupes, squash, kiwifruit, apples, peaches and other crops that need bees. South Carolina and Florida provide the two main wintering grounds for east coast migratory beekeepers, which are vital to America's food supply.

Too Poor to Travel?   You can make a virtual visit anywhere in the world, hear local music, see nice photos, and get all kinds of info at Jan Kirsten's world tour page in Holland.  And, yes, Hemingway is on the tour!




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  More refreshment
for your eyes....

Feijoa sellowiana

Common Buckeye
Junonia coenia

  A Regal Monarch,
and stained glass fit for any cathedral

The Rare Pine Barrens Gentian

Local Landmark

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amarillis.jpg (1219362 bytes) Another Local Landmark

More Wildflower Pictures
Don't Mess With This Guy!


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