BBQ Cookoff

   Hemingway is known for the finest pork barbecue in the world. The annual cookoff at the BBQ-Shag festival draws some serious competition.

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Photo 2002 by David L. Green

  As Contestant Gary McKissick of Johnsonville (center) arrives, he is assigned a position by drawing, by Herbert Tanner, left and Mayor Grady Richardson, right.

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Photo 2002 by David L. Green

  This is a SERIOUS contest folks, as evidenced by the cookers. The "Rolls Royce" of this year's BBQ Cookers was manufactured by Charles Howell of Hemingway. This is a beauty, with chrome-plated double exhausts, and everything else but the kitchen sink...oh...wait a minute...the kitchen sink is there too! You can see the faucet in the front.

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Photo 2002 by David L. Green

  Pigs are toted to the cooker in giant coolers that require two men and a boy to lift. Hey, that's not fair! The boy's got one end to himself, while the men share one end...

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