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Still Photos
(Photos soon to come)

Movie clips
Dancing honeybee swarm scout:    MPG file
Paper wasp constructing nest:   MPG file
Foraging carpenter bee:   MPG file
Foraging honeybee:   MPG file
Flight from the entrance of a nuc (a small starter hive):  MPG file
"Sitting on the porch"  bees hanging out of a nucleus colony after a heavy nectar flow:  MPG file
Grooming honeybee is startled by the camera:   MPG file
Side view of fanning bee showing Nasinov gland (inviting swarm to enter); MPG file
Closeup of swarm marching into hive:  MPG file
Honebees lapping up a drop of honey:  MPG file

Sound files
Queens piping (challenge to other queens to do battle):    WAV file


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